By Amy Edwards

Listening to the voice of God is something we have to challenge ourselves to do every day. Finding a quiet, peaceful spot usually allows our minds to settle and our hearts to open and be more receptive. Sometimes I hear God’s voice very clearly and I don’t even hesitate to act on what I believe but other times it takes me hours to sift through the background noise to actually engage with my Father. Taking time to tune into the Heavenly frequencies allows our bodies to rest in God’s love. He cares for us more than we could ever know.

If I am honest with myself and how I feel about my life without God in it, I truly feel a void and I know that I wouldn’t be even a quarter of who I am today. From birth till death He walks the journey of life with us. I encourage you to take a moment and be grateful for that blessing. The most grateful heart is where the Lord resides.

A sermon I heard 2 weeks ago at my home church brings me to my next thought. We spend our lives running a race to exceed our expectations of ourselves. We push ourselves to be above and beyond our peers and even family sometimes. God’s hope for us and our mission here on earth is to have love and be loved. To know love is to be truly happy. God doesn’t desire for us to have the biggest, flashiest most glamorous mission here on this earth. We are already enough as we are.

God needs us to realise who we are with Him and find peace in the small moments of everyday. Who you are in your own right is already perfect in God’s sight. He hopes that we will stop pushing ourselves to breaking point but instead that we will look to the power already within us and take up our daily crosses of love, charity, forgiveness, friendship and kindness.

He needs our hearts to be aligned with Him in this world. Our mission is to find the true Jesus in a busy world and share His Love.


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Amy Edwards

I’m passionate about travel and discovering new places.  I love to try my hand at creating things and have a love of art, writing, dance and cookery.  I cherish my family and dear friends and hope to make a positive impact in the lives of others along my path.  I love the church for the sacred space it provides for us to be truly ourselves with our God.  I love that we can call it home, and a place that will bring us to the purest form of love.





  • Chelsea Rebelo

    One of my favourite posts. Thank you Amy.