By: Nqobile Ngcobo

There are many things I love about the Easter season.

Firstly, I love that we as Catholics even a whole season for Easter! That the joys of Easter do not end on Easter Sunday, but continue for six weeks as a reminder that we live in the light of the Resurrection. I love that a have a legitimate excuse to eat all the remaining Easter eggs (and then some). I love the feeling of being renewed in our baptism through Christ. I love that the newness and the excitement of the Resurrection is encouraged and lived for so long.

I particularly love the Acts of the Apostles.

I love going through those early days of the Christian church. I imagine what the early apostles felt as they pondered the meaning of the death of Jesus, why He let Himself die so horrifically, and why He “left” them to return to the Father. I imagine Mary, the sorrow at the physical separation of her Son and the joy that His mission was accomplished.  And I love reading as Jesus’ promises are fulfilled in the descent of the Holy Spirit.

What I love most about those early moments of the Church, is thinking about what drove the apostles to go out and preach the Gospel. It is a reminder of what I should be preaching each day with my life. That the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the descent of the Holy Spirit is the fulfilment of Christ’s promise. The fulfilment of His ministry and the fulfilment of His truth. That Christ most certainly was who He said He was. And He still is who He says He is.

It is beautiful to contemplate. He is who He says He is.

So often in my life, I forget this simple truth. That Christ was, is, and will always be, exactly who He said He was. And even more incredibly, that truth reminds me that if He is who He said He is, then I am who He says I am. Say whaat??  Well, exactly that –  He is King and Creator, and whatever He says kind of (absolutely) goes: Redeemed by His Passion and Cross. Saved by His ultimate act of love, and welcomed into new life through His resurrection. Crazy, that I am worth all of that! The interior knowledge that I have new life in Christ and I have almost infinite value moves me to want  to welcome others into that Truth. That the darkness of this earth, the rough times, hard times, doubting-self times we so often feel – the very real hurt we experience – is not what we were made for.

I imagine that this is what moved those apostles. The realisation that we were made for eternal love and joy. A love and joy that is glimpsed in life’s pleasures, tasted in the Holy Eucharist and felt in relationship with Christ.

It is the way in which the apostles were moved by this that I am reminded to carry this joy of the resurrection into every day of my life. I live for Christ. I live for Him because He is who He says He is; therefore I am who He says I am. I am His.


About the author:

Nqobile NgcoboIMG-20160309-WA0009

I studied geology but I currently work in youth ministry. I love Jesus, coffee and pink roses. Above all, I’m just a catholic young woman trying to make it to heaven. I think St Therése and I will hang out there. I haven’t figured out how to adult yet, so until I do, I keep reminding myself that “Each woman who lives in light of eternity, can fulfill her vocation” – Edith Stein. Please pray for me, I’ll be praying for you.