By: Samantha Stanton

I am the typical romantic ‘girlie girl’ at heart. With my favourite rom-com movie collection close at hand, I often find myself dreaming about being the damsel in distress who is heroically swept off her feet by her prince charming… sigh! Yes, I have come to know that my feminine heart is captivated by beauty and romance! So where is he? Where is my prince charming?!

These where the type of questions I frequently found myself asking God (well maybe more like nagging God).   I had been praying about this for some time now and yet, God still has not given this guy the correct GPS co-ordinates to reach me. It was starting to become more and more of a focus in my life, which slowly started to make me feel lonely and miserable. I found myself thinking thoughts such as ‘I am so tired of doing everything alone’. I was starting to lose my sparkle, my love for life and I started to lose my sense of inner peace. God was no longer the main man in my life, but rather He was the one withholding something that my heart truly desired. I knew He was always there to hear yet another disheartened story, but I started to feel that surely He must be tired of hearing this from me. And I was getting tired of living like this. So many wonderful blessings were being showered on me each and every day and yet I was not fully noticing, enjoying and embracing them – I was stuck in a negative thought trail. Experience after experience, “nope, this relationship didn’t work out… again. OK, I’m done!”

Where to now God?

It was time to get perspective back on life, to shift my focus back to the real hero of the story. And to remember that that hero had never left my side. He was waiting for me all along, loving me through it all, and calling me to dance with Him every day. I was missing out on His fullest love! Falling ‘in love’ with SOMEONE slowly started becoming no longer a focus in my life and I fell in love with GOD all over again. I started to wake up excited to spend time with Him in the quiet hours of the start of each new day.   Our time together became important again. The more I started spending time with Him, the more I enjoyed our dates together and found it difficult to put the book down and go to sleep at night as God was talking to me in almost each passage, I had just never noticed it before. He was there in the chaos of the day too, whispering ‘I love yous’ in the simplest things, such as the comforting hug of a colleague or the excited smiles and cuddles of the children on the playground.

He is so romantic and finds so many ways to melt my heart each and every day! Sunsets are my ultimate favourite and how well He knows me to sneak one truly magnificent pink one in after a long day, just to make me smile. Spending time with God, in the beauty of the Church is always an experience that captivates my heart. The colourful stained glass windows, flowers, candles, incense and music always set the scene for our intimate encounters together. He even calls me His ‘beloved’ through His choice of words in the Scriptures which is always comforting to hear. Focusing on God and choosing Him as my hero each day has allowed me to have a better understanding of the purpose of my life and the way I need to start living. Noticing God’s presence in the everyday mundane moments are important, because He is there calling me to love Him and to show my love for Him by choosing to respond in loving ways towards others. Like any relationship, we go through periods of closeness and then there are times when I feel further from Him, but I know I will always have His love. I cannot imagine life without Him. Life without God would have no purpose. By growing in my faith and coming to this big realisation, it makes me passionately want to cry out (as Noah does to Alley in a scene of one of my favourite movies, The Notebook), “We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day”. Now that’s the kind of love I’ve been yearning for! It’s the kind of love that awakens the soul and makes you reach for more. And so I choose to take His Hand and dance with him every day whether it be a sad melody or a joyous song. God is leading and now my dance goes something like this:

‘I close my eyes and throw back my head. My tiny hand in His infinite one, my clumsy steps compared to His grace. My grip tightens, knowing I will fall, but also knowing He will guide me. And the music swells, roaring into my ears until I am enraptured that I can’t look at anyone but Him. My hands and feet poised for the next step, my head up, and a smile of love on my face…And maybe then, maybe then I will not even notice when He turns to one of His sons and invites them to dance with me.’


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Samantha Stanton

I am an occupational therapist working with children.  A typical day at work involves embarking on imaginative adventures filled with castles, dragons, unicorns, you name it….  I LOVE my job!  Hobbies, include dancing, beach time, running, reading and sunset walks and picnics

  • Roremae Gacho

    Very inspiring. thank you for making me realize that truly, falling in love with God is the greatest romance.
    I am a grade school teacher and I also experience the love of God through the excited smiles and cuddles of the children.
    PS. I love fairytales too:)