Hello Curious Human

Greetings from South Africa!

In short, we want to unveil the beauty of the Catholic faith through young eyes. For many, faith is confined to dusty pages, but we have experienced its relevance still today.

The Curious Catholic is a platform for young people to share their encounters of a God who is not dead, but a God who is deeply involved in the world and deeply invested in their lives. We want you to MEET Him and not just know about Him. We want to reignite a passion for faith because we know it changes everything.

We unashamedly believe that there is such a thing as objective truth in a world where anything goes. It is not a truth that excludes or marginalises ANYONE, but has had answers for every time and every person.

This is your place to learn about the faith, hear other people’s stories, find prayers, listen to great music. It’s a place for asking questions, watching cool videos and more. We invite you on an adventure of teaching, inspiration and refilling as we see that life is both beautiful and difficult, but is always better journeyed curiously with Christ at its centre.

Visit TEACH ME to get the ‘Why’ questions answered. Visit the INSPIRE ME to read the testimonials of other young Catholics. Visit REFILL ME to read prayers, watch videos and find cool web resources.

We are praying that you keep your curiosity as we know it will lead you on a great adventure!

To engage with us, please contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter.  We would love to receive your feedback, ideas and questions.  If you would life to contribute to any of our pages, as a writer or researcher, please let us know.